We here at Business Point Limited recognise that no one knows what can happen in the next 20-50 years down the line due to life’s uncertainties. But our end goal vision as a company is a one that is very simple yet purposeful, as we’d like to believe. Our vision is simply to remain for generations to come, as a safe haven that significantly impacts positively the overall healthcare of as many citizens of Bangladesh we can  possibly reach through our services and make sure even more importantly, that we as a company at the end of the day believe ourselves that we always do our absolute best to keep on achieving that and hopefully that is enough motivation to keep sustaining this act of good service. Any other recognition holds no value to our overall vision. Our vision is to help and save people from a healthcare standpoint for as long as we are here. 


Our mission every single day is to make sure the short term goals that are specifically related to our operating business are continually being met. We believe that if the short term goals whether it’s price negotiations with a seller, the needs of the beneficiary are being properly executed, visiting supply chains to get a clearer point of view, responding to emails on time with integrity, etc are being met properly, the long term goal is going to be met as an end result. Therefore in regards to our long term goal, our mission is to be the best distributing agent of pharmaceutical APIs, Excipients and Packaging Materials in all of Bangladesh. We already believe we are. Now it’s just a matter of time to let it all come into fruition over time, if God wills.